Saturday, 31 December 2016


2016. What a year. There's been extreme happiness, tears (both happy and sad), stress and contentment. This year I feel like I have really grown in myself and (kinda) figured out what I'm about, have addressed my priorities and also what I want to do with the rest of my life. I have had some great experiences this year. From strengthening great friendships, reading 21 books, going on an amazing trip to Iceland, doing DofE, feeling the happiest and most comfortable in myself than I have for about three years and last but certainly not least, getting my braces off (oh the relief after 2 and a half years of being a metal mouth). In this post I will be sharing the things I have learned this year and also my ambitions for 2017!

1. Read, Read, Read
As I've just mentioned, I have read 21 books this year, which for me is a great achievement. I have learned so much from this books, for example you learn so much about different types of people and also different circumstances which really allows you to increase your tolerance towards others. I also just really enjoy being lost in the stories every night and it also just allows me to switch off and not think about the stress of school. So, In 2017 I do aim to read 25 books and maybe even venture into different types of genres (It's a wild life)
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2. You get out what you put in
Almost everything in life is a reflection of how much effort and care you have given this certain element. This has mostly applied to school this year as I started the GCSE process. I have always been a very hard worker, however I realised very early on that if you slack, you get nothing back. Therefore I have been trying my very hardest (even over this Christmas break, which hasn't been pleasant) in order to create a better life for myself in the future and hopefully achieve my dream career (which is the ultimate goal) but for the short term, it is important to remember that knowledge is power, and success with hard work feels much better than failure. (However I am no expert).
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3. Educate yourself
This year for me was when I properly discovered that I was a feminist (intersectional) and that I am willing to fight for the equality of men and women socially, politically, economically and pretty much any other way possible. However, to be completely honest;  I hadn't really done my research and didn't really know how to do it . Therefore, this year I have been educating myself about feminism and by doing so I have further developed my beliefs and ideas in feminism and feel as though I am ready to actively fight for what I believe in and inspire do others to do the same. The books that I have found the most useful in educating myself on feminism include: The Spinster Club series by Holly Bourne and also Girl Up by Laura Bates.
In 2017, I am to actively fight, and also continue by journey of educating myself upon this movement towards a more equal society. (Further blog posts may follow on this topic).

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4. Get off of your phone
This year I realised the importance of not always being on your phone and actually spending time with the people you love. It's way more effective- believe me. I must admit, I do enjoy scrolling through Instagram and looking at people's perfect puppies, fancy breakfasts and over expensive makeup, it is important to limit this time in order to appreciate the people around you and have fun, rather than the people on your phone because one day, you'll look up from your phone and they won't be there. #harsh and v serious but true.
In 2017, I aim to continue this and hopefully spend less time binge scrolling and be more productive. However, I also aim to use my social media platform (Instagram) for good such as promoting feminist beliefs and also sharing positive things (such as my dog as this is all I post nowadays).
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Hope you have a great new year and a great 2017!

Charlotte x
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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Recently Read- What's A Girl Gotta Do?

 Last night, I finished 'What's A Girl Gotta Do?' by Holly Bourne and I can safely say it is definitely one of my new favourite books. The main themes of this book were feminism, friendship and fighting for what you believe in and is definitely worth a read because I can tell you, it's been a very thought changing experience.
The book closely  follows three teenage girls in college; Lottie (the main character of this book) and her best friends Amber and Evie. The three girls have their own 'Spinster Club', in which they talk about all things feminism and they also run a group called 'Femsoc' at their college. I absolutely adored the dynamic of this friendship group as it was not at all cringey and it showed how supportive and loving friends can be and gave a great insight of how positive female teenage friendships should be.

After Lottie gets disgustingly sexually harassed on her way to college, she decides that there needs to be a change in the way that women are objectified and so-come to sexism on a daily basis. This horrific even was the turning point for Lottie as that day she saw more and more ways that she was getting treated unequally to the opposite and then she decides to start her #Vagilante project; in which she must call out every instance of sexism she sees, absolutely everything which makes either sex feel inferior in any way.  They even have horns... which they beep whenever they see any instance of sexism which is personally an aspect of the book I loved, as it was lighthearted for the most part, however the message at hand was incredibly vital and serious and was definitely established well.

For me, Lottie was one of my favourite characters I have ever read. She was funny, determined, incredibly intelligent and did have downfalls,which she managed to overcome and dealt with with incredible motivation and the determination to never stop fighting for what she believes in. She is what I inspire to be like as I develop my feminist ideas and become more aware of the ways all genders are accustomed to inequality and how to stop this. As cliche as it sounds, during and after reading this book I did feel a burning sense of both anger and ambition to start changing things for myself and those around me to make everyday life fairer with equality for everyone in every aspect of life. This sense of ambition and anger were both created by Lottie and her never ending power.
Other characters in this book who I thought deserved special recognition are Megan and Will. Firstly I though Megan's character and issues were dealt with incredibly well with sensitivity as it was unlikely that she was just going to say exactly how she felt, what happened to her and how she felt, therefore I thought that her character was done very realistically for someone who had been in an abusive relationship and I was glad that she did develop further into the book and also found enjoyment in helping Lottie, Evie and Amber fight for feminism. Will. Oh Will. Honestly at the start of the book I really did not like him, much like Lottie I though he was arrogant and only wanted to help with the project for his own good and benefits. However as the story progressed I became more and more fond of him as he started to actively help and I also did like it when he challenged Lottie as it made her think more about what she was doing and although he may not seem it at the start of the book, he is a really good person who was maybe a bit scared to admit his feminist views which is a problem for many males as they feel as though they should fight against it which is a major patriarchal issue, which feminism works against.

All in all, I think everyone should read this book as it is so insightful, educational and raging with ambition to fight against the patriarchy and have equality, through feminism, no matter how many obstacles there are... or many horns you have to honk!


Charlotte xx

Monday, 25 July 2016

Iceland Adventure

Hello everyone, in the early hours of Saturday morning, I came back from a geography school trip to Iceland and it is safe to say it was one of the most unique but also beautiful places I have ever been. We saw overwhelmingly beautiful waterfalls, walked on glaciers, watched geysers shoot their hot water into the air, we went to the blue lagoon, went caving in a lava field (which was equally as scary as fun) and we also did out fair share of shopping in quirky Reykjavik city centre. I have managed to narrow down some of my many photos to show you in this post, let me know if you have ever been to Iceland as I would love to hear your experience.

When we came out of this little house, we had to all do a dance, holding hands in a field full of sheep, it was certainly a new experience...

Charlotte xx

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Recently Read

Hello everyone, today I going to be reviewing and giving an insight into the books I have been reading recently. I've really started to fall back in love with reading and I have been exploring some new types of genres (I still love my YA contemporary though, nothing too confusing yet) so I hope this post gives you some inspiration to read something new and also I would love to hear your recommendations. I am thinking of making this into a kind of series as I progress through more books but we'll see... 

Book one- The Book Thief by Mark Zusak 
This book was pretty amazing to say the least. At first I was a bit wary and I actually wasn't sure if I was going to read it as I wasn't sure if it was really my thing but it was so powerful and interesting from the very beginning I couldn't put it down. The book is set in Germany before and during World War Two. The whole book is narrated by death and follows the story of a girl called Liesel who is nine at the start of the book and it shows us her life from when she has to live with a foster family, a man and women, Hans and Rosa Hubberman,  on a street called Himmel Street, a poor part in Molching which is a town in Munich after her Mother can no longer look after her. It follows her life through absolute tragedy but also her life as a normal child with her friend Rudy. This book also illustrates the heartbreaking and terrifying  scenes and events of Nazi Germany very vividly but also shows how something good can come out of all of that darkness, which is Liesel's founded love for reading and also the lengths people go to to protect the people they love. I really enjoyed the diversity of characters in this book and also the historical backbone to the story as these events and tragedy did happen which makes the story even more vivid and the characters even more attachable. 

Book two- Elizabeth Is Missing by Emma Healey 

This story centres around an elderly Lady called Maud, her current family (her daughter and Granddaughter) and also her previous family such as her Mother, Father, Sister and Sister's boyfriend. Maud suffers from dementia and the story is told prom both the present day and the past because of Maud's condition she is regularly living in the past and does not remember much from the present day. The story that follows Maud in the present day is that Maud is convinced that her friend Elizabeth is missing, although her daughter and carer keep telling her that it is not the case, however Maud continues to look out for Elizabeth and go to her house to look for her. However her story from the past is about her sister that also went missing and how her family dealt with it and also her relationship with her Sister's boyfriend after she went missing. I know that this is very brief but I am trying not to spoil it but overall I though Maud's character was very lovable and also the book really illustrated what it is like to live with dementia and the frustration from both the individual and their family. My only critique with this book is that I felt like it the story went on unnecessarily long and could have been quicker with getting to the climax and outcome of the story.  

Book 3- We Are All Made Of Molecules 
This book is about Stewart, who is extremely intelligent and gifted, however he lacks social skills and is suffering from the loss of his Mother. The book also centres around Ashley who is very popular and to be perfectly honest, at the beginning of the book I thought she was not at all likable and just a bit spoilt and always got her own way. She is also suffering from family problems as her Dad has came out as gay and she is scared of what this could do for her social status. However, Ashley's and Stewart's worlds collide as Stewart's Dad and Ashley's Mam decide to move in together after they had been going out for a while. Obviously Ashley is horrified of what people at school will say and Stewart has problems of his own at school as he gets picked on. The story is told from both of their point's of views and the story follows the changing dynamic of the family and how everything is awkward at the start, but when something happens that changes Ashley's opinion on Stewart, it shows how much family, friends and working together can really do. Although this book included some pretty big topics such as grieving, homosexuality and bullying, it was quite an easy going book, was very easy to read and was also very insightful into different family combinations. Also the ending is very uplifting and probably not what you expect when you are first reading the book. 

Hope you enjoyed these quick reviews, thank you for reading, 

Charlotte xx

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Tynemouth- Photo diary

Hello everyone, yesterday me and my friend Alice went to Tynemouth which is a seaside town near close to where I live, it wasn't very sunny but it was still nice to go somewhere I haven't been before and have a lil' explore and also, the ice cream was gorgeous which is always a plus!

 Alice's magical purple hair

Charlotte xx